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My gallery will have more FMA art (hopefully) in the near future. And if you are especially crazy about BBI related stuff as I am I recommend you watch me. I got a story planned which is post-BBI.


My story is UP! Refer to my latest journal entry for the link.
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I'll give you all a sneak peak into what I have planned for Pride's personality in a very later on chapter in mt story. It's certainly not for the weak-hearted. I will say that it starts out as sort of a SPECIAL mission day, but there's MUCH more to this that I won't reveal yet. I've taken out character names and any other things hinting to what/who's also involved.


Out of the first room, he closed it shut, then for extra measure he locked it. ...With his shadows still behind him, he repeated everything with the remaining four doors. To his dissatisfaction, all the rooms contained (removed) and no sign of (removed), nor any hints of (removed) being around. At the very end of the hall was a dark stairway, and he proceeded toward it. Before the first step, his ears suddenly picked up a sound that almost sounded like a gasp and then heard quick, upward footsteps. He couldn't use his shadows to see the source of the noise since it was pitch black. Instead he used his body's super speed to catch up with whatever made the noise. He got a hold of cloth, then pulled with no effort at all until the body revealed itself. It was a small boy with large dark blue eyes, to his surprise. Probably no older than six. Before the child could scream, Pride silenced him by covering his mouth. He leaned to his ear and whispered, "What do we have here? An eavesdropping little brat, it seems. What is someone as young as you doing here anyways? Oh well, it looks like my shadows are lucky tonight, you're just the right size for them." The poor boy didn't know what would happen to him next, nor did he understand what the blonde young man meant, but the sight of his teeth and scary eyes made him piss himself scared. He moaned beneath the hand, but Pride wasn't letting go. The boy noticed his extreme strength, and had a feeling he wouldn't see his mother ever again, the shadows behind him only mere inches from his little head...



If you're wondering, my username might have a character's name in it, but it doesn't necessarily mean that character is my MAIN focus. Far from it, actually, so don't think I'm gonna release fanart of him. I have much...greater things in mind now. Yea... And if you're still wondering or confused, please bugger off -_- Or else my latest character of affection will bite your head off if you don't. He's become much too...accustomed to getting aroused at the sight of human blood shed by his hands.

Pride: *grins wickedly* It's more the case that I'll chop off your heads with my luxurious scythe. But yea, close enough...

Will add more time...

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