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My gallery will have more FMA art (hopefully) in the near future. And if you are especially crazy about BBI related stuff as I am I recommend you watch me. I got a story planned which is post-BBI.
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Yea guys, as the title states I'll only be back online for a brief time, and only on this site. My activity for today will be extended more than the usual everyday hiatus I've had for over a month now, but after that I need to revert back to checking my stuff only once a day. I'm also going back to college after my Easter break starting tomorrow, so I also need to be dedicated to school work as well and other events going on in my life these days. I've also been sick lately, so bare with me in the meantime.

My hiatus didn't mean that I haven't been working on my story and art at all. I actually dedicated some time to start writing out a few of the important back story scenes that will be included in the story as flashbacks. Some of the back story scenes are these we've seen already from the FIRST FMA show, but the rest will be completely new because my story diverts considerably from the show in order to connect to the BBI timeline that I have in mind. Don't think they will be added in anytime soon, though, they are supposed to be introduced very late or at least mid story.

Unfortunately, I have not actually started the second chapter yet, but that will be the next part of my story I'll work on next. I've already submitted the first chapter two months ago, and it's quite long. I assure you all that if you start reading it now you will finish it way before the time the next chapter comes along. Here's the title of my story, just in case anyone's forgotten what it's called: Bluebird's Resolutions, Pride Unleashed (or abbreviated as BBR: PU). The link to the story is already posted on my main page. Be sure to follow me and the story on if you want to be the first to see the update, although I will certainly post the update on dA as well.

As for my art, I've drawn something quick today and will submit it very soon. Just another 'character development' sort of picture for Pride, and a possible scene within the story if I decide putting it in there some way. It's highly possible that I will, seeing as how this picture would fit the exact type of ruthless behavior Pride is known for. Though I must warn you all, even though I don't plan on having it colored the theme presented in it is pretty graphic. This is the first time I've drawn something like that, even though I have included blood in other pictures before. If you all haven't figured it out by now, Pride is the homunculus of Edward Elric, but with my own horrific twist. And his character in my story is not for the faint of heart, he WILL horrify and creep you out in so many ways that you probably won't get used to him for a long time. Whoever is not a fan of blood, gore, cursing, homicidal psychopathy, mature and gruesome content, and pretty much just plain shocking horror then you should probably not even read my story at all. But hey, homunculi commit horrific atrocities to a default, and with Pride becoming integrated with the others they will surely change him for the worse. You can guarantee that for my story. Homunculus business is seriously fucked up business, after all, and nobody is spared from the insanity.

I have also started another art piece recently, but this one also includes the theme of another series which I won't say right now. It's not exactly a combination of the two series, but you will see exactly what I mean once it's released. If you've watched me for a long time, you will probably guess what that is.



If you're wondering, my username might have a character's name in it, but it doesn't necessarily mean that character is my MAIN focus. Far from it, actually, so don't think I'm gonna release fanart of him. I have much...greater things in mind now. Yea... And if you're still wondering or confused, please bugger off -_- Or else my latest character of affection will bite your head off if you don't. He's become much too...accustomed to getting aroused at the sight of human blood shed by his hands.

Pride: *grins wickedly* It's more the case that I'll chop off your heads with my luxurious scythe. But yea, close enough...

Will add more time...

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